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Ask Penny is the only digital, cloud-based assistant your business needs

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Ask Penny is a digital cloud-based storage assistant tasked with keeping your website records and passwords, files, documents and notes securely under lock and key for you and your entire team. A custom built web-app merged with a stunning brand and powerful web presence, this was a project we are very proud of.

The Brand

When we broached upon creating the brand and persona for Ask Penny, we wanted something personable, modern, playful but also relevant. We landed upon the final concept of an Avatar of Penny herself, the virtual assistant you need!

We thought we'd add the extra quirk by creating an open eyed and a closed eyed version (long story short, we wanted the eyes to close and blink when the logo was hovered on the website and app!)

The Website

The Ask Penny website acts as a funnel to drive sign-ups to the app and explain the use case. This was extremely challenging for us as we knew we had some big competitors in the marketplace, but we didn't let that deter us from having fun.

We adopted the "No bullshit" rule, and delivered the content related to pricing and features smack bang down the middle in a way that couldn't be mistaken. With clear call to actions to sign-up for the free trial, right through to getting in touch with any questions, the Ask Penny website is the perfect blend of eye candy, catchy content and call to action.

The App

The app was the largest part of what we wanted to achieve with our startup, so naturally this is what we focused on first. Iteration after iteration and we finally had a feature set, and UI Design that we were happy with for our first release.

While we wanted to give users (eventually) the chance to personalise colours and the logo within the app, we created the first final release to not include these features, but set the stage and have a neutral colour scheme, within keeping with the Ask Penny brand.

Suffice to say, again, we are extremely proud of what we accomplished with the App interface and functionality. It works seamlessly with the appearance, feel and persona of the brand and the website.

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