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UX UI Design Branding

HostAMG came to Lotus Digital as a startup company backed by one of the founders of StablePoint, a large and well respected web hosting company based in the UK. He wanted a fresh, modern brand with clean, crisp styling to entice users and portray confidence and integrity. We loved this project from start to finish.

The Brand

Sharp, Modern, Professional, Slick. These were the focus words for the brand for HostAMG and we are proud to deliver a solution that fits all of them perfectly.

There were originally 3 brand concepts produced for HostAMG, and after some refinement this was settled upon and used throughout the social media artwork as well as the website and the customer portal.

A lesson was learned here. Just because the end result looks fairly simple, the journey there is often filled with uncertainty. Lots of iterating was required to achieve the final result. We're extremely proud of our work.

The Website

Several concepts were produced for the HostAMG website, each with a different look, a different feel, and an altogether completely different colour scheme. We've selected what we feel is our favourite for this section, however several more were produced before a full custom WordPress CMS website was created.

In total we created 4 different design concepts. Each one presented a new challenge in that different colours demanded a different approach to styling and appearance, as not one colour can suit every single style.

We're extremely pleased with all of the concepts we produced for HostAMG.

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