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We decided one day to scratch an itch and put a handmade product to market. Pairing handmade home fragrances with a strong brand, automation tools and a competition-beating presence we are extremely proud of the business we started. Unfortunately the market declined and we sold off our stock and equipment, but the journey of building a brand from nothing to validating the product to our customers was exhilirating.

The Idea

Through being tired of paying over the odds for scented wax melts for his home, Anthony (Our MD and Lead Creative) decided enough was enough, and began exploring how to create the best scented wax melts ever.

After 6 months of perfecting the technique (which may we say, is nothing short of an art form!), he decided it was time to take the product to the mass market.

Sniffums was born. Why the name Sniffums? Because that's what you do to smelly things! You Sniff'um!

The Brand

We created a soft, warm and friendly brand.

The main criteria were that it is to be readable, even at small scale (which at times is difficult, being a word mark), and it must look fantastic printed on a vast array of different items (Clothing, Stickers, Print Media, Bottles, Cards, the list goes on).

What we landed on felt great, and was something we could definitely build a brand around for the long haul.

The Website

The website had to SELL SELL SELL, but without being too pushy.

One of the key areas we considered when designing and building the Sniffums website was information. Being a product that required heat at a high temperature to utilise, we ensured that the warnings as well as all of the ingredients and chemicals used (you're sniffing what's being burnt into the air!) were clearly visible for anybody to read.

We couldn't help but hammer home the fact that we used Vegan Soy Wax and our process was extremely eco-friendly.

Automation Tools

For our distributors (we had distributors before we even publicly launched) we wanted to create a standalone website for them to place their orders for Sample Packs to hand out to their customer bases, and for them to order for their customers also.

Since the distributor model was commission based, we felt that too many marketing companies make their team members wait long periods for their pay out, so we wanted ours to be instant. They charged their customers our RRP, but we discounted their order on their private distributor site so they could keep the profits instantly.

The Product

We created home, car and office spray fragrances that were just amazing (Psssst! We still use them to this day at the Lotus Digital HQ!), and Scented Soy Wax Melts.

Everything was made meticulously by hand, and packaged by hand, correctly labelled, stickered and branded to perfection. Our products would have looked right at home on a Point of Sale display at your local supermarket (Unfortunately, we didn't get that far!)

A single scented wax melt threw scent around the room it was burning in (and in most cases, on the level it was burning in!) for up to 3 days per single melt. And our product was lower cost for the consumer than our competitors (who had no branding, no customer service, and no insurance!)

The Journey

What an incredible journey to take a product from an idea designed to save a little money each week, to a full brand serving consumers online and via way of paid distributors.

This is a process we will never forget, and we learned a lot along the way regarding production, branding, marketing, analytics, customer care, logistics and merchandising.

If you have an idea you want to see come to life, get in touch with us, we'll definitely be able to make it a reality for you!

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